Clean, Professional & Friendly Piercings in Manchester

Welcome to Pure Piercing, where we specialise purely in piercing

We train our staff to a high-level in infection control, anatomy and advanced piercing techniques, our studios are scrupulously clean with hospital grade equipment and our piercers are friendly and professional.

All of our piercings are done with hypoallergenic, titanium or 14 carat gold.

Prices start from £22.50 for plain jewelry, but we have a huge selection of upgrades to chose from depending on your taste.

Why Choose Pure Piercing ?

At Pure Piercing , we have over 15 years of experience in the piercing industry and our qualified expert is passionate about providing a clean, professional and friendly piercing experience. We offer competitive prices on all our piercing services and jewellery, including 9-14ct gold upgrades. Plus, all our piercing prices include the jewellery, with our standard gold or silver studs for lobes and sterilised titanium jewellery suitable for the type of piercing you require. So, if you’re looking for a piercing in Manchester, look no further than Pure Piercing !

Over 15 years of experience in piercings.

Competitive prices on a wide range of piercings.

A huge range of 14 carat gold and titanium jewelry for initial piercings.

Come to Pure Piercing at 9 Royal Exchange in Manchester for a piercing or contact
us to find out more!